Your ghost.

Your ghost, a denizen of my mind

When will it ever get out

I try to find it and beg it to leave

But its still lurking somewhere inside


Walking down the memory lane

Visiting the places visited

And it probably still lives in the house

Which I had dreams of living in with you


Nothing comes for free

Even dreams have a cost

And I cannot pay the rent alone

So he must move out


A prisoner of my thoughts

I have served my sentence

So I’m breaking free

Today, tonight and forever

– Mister Tenderfoot

I have something to tell you

I have a crush on you

Not gonna lie

I hide behind the fence

And watch you pass by


You don’t know me

For now it’s alright

I mean , I still have some hope

That you’ll pick up the signs


I saw you in the park the other day

You probably didn’t notice me as always

O if I could tell you what it felt like

Before I could, you were out of sight

– Mister Tenderfoot





I’m a man

Hence always right

I’m the breadwinner

So others must abide


I can do what I want

I can say what I like

Nobody should question me

I’m the head of the family


A family is supposed to be a unit

And that can only be

If instead of expressing their opinions

They just listen to me

– Mister Tenderfoot

(From the perspective of a man who believes in the petriarchial system and thinks that men should be the ultimate authority. I highly condemn this.)

To mom.

This one’s to my mom

The one lady in my life

This one’s to my mom

Who taught me there are no free lunches in life


This one’s to her who taught me the value of respect

That not only you must give it but know how to gain it as well

I say this today because she never tried doing it for herself

And I don’t want to be like her


I hate to say this

But she never was an inspiration

She did teach me who not to be

I learnt it from her situation


I wish she had been someone

I could have looked up to

Maybe if she had been stronger

People would have realised her value

– Mister Tenderfoot




My secret.

I’ve always been secretive

I don’t share much with anyone

I’ve always been a little wierd

I talk to myself when I’m alone


I’m not very emotional

But I get emotionally attached to things

I say I don’t bother much about opinions

But I’m after all a human being


Sometimes people hurt me

I don’t tell them

But I sit alone in my room and cry

And then pretend like nothing happened

– Mister Tenderfoot


Sorry dad.

I’m sorry dad I told everyone

What I thought was your “real” side

I’m sorry dad I let everyone know this

But I had to lift off the burden, it was time

I’m sorry dad I can not talk to you

Like I did before

I don’t know why it’s like this but

Trust me I didn’t want it to be this way

Sometimes you’re the old you

And sometimes you’re a completely different man

It baffles me, it amazes me

I think I don’t even know you

I know you’ve been wondering

That lately I’ve become a mystery

But that’s just not true

I’ve always been an open book

You just needed to take the time

To put on your glasses

And read a page or two

Maybe the eyes would’ve told you

It’s too late now I guess

What was a crack is now a gorge

It might take a lifetime

But I don’t think we can fill it up

Not even together

– Mister Tenderfoot


Why was I born a girl?

I ask God sometimes

Don’t do this, don’t do that

Just don’t cross your lines

Am I not human?

Don’t I have rights?

Being a man you can understand me

But never know what it feels like

You are married to him but you don’t have the same rights

He demands respect but never gives it back

One half you are, yes

But always the lesser,why?

He can slap you when he gets angry

But you must not complain

After all it’s you who always “irritate” him

So, you must take the blame

He says he’s going through mental stress cos of you

And you deserved it, it was right

And what about the pain he gives you?

That’s more than a thousand knives

Your kids, they dare say anything

Or they shall pay the price

You’ve spoiled them he says

That’s not how to bring up a child

And that child deep within

Stifling and burning on the inside

There’s no one he can go to

No shoulder to cry.

– Mister Tenderfoot